Child Development

MBSS’s Child Development Program will be now be combining its two courses into one.  This new program will combine various aspects of both courses to now focus on prenatal care and development to care and development of children up to six years old.

From the MBSS Course Selection Booklet:

CHILD DEVELOPMENT 11     (CD 11/12 – A)
Prerequisite: None
Are you interested in learning about children or want
to work with children as a career? This course
focuses on child development from conception to age
one. Students will learn about what is involved in
preparing for a child and the rewards and challenges
of welcoming a new addition to a family. Real life
situations will be experienced such as a hypothetical
shopping trip for the anticipated newborn (with a
budget), and spending a weekend with our own “Baby-
Think-It-Over” computerized baby. Speakers from the
community (health care practitioners, parents, early
childhood educators) will also be invited to the class to
enhance student learning.

CHILD DEVELOPMENT 12     (CD 11/12 – B)
Prerequisite: None
This course studies the development of children from
age one to age six, providing practical experience with
children and a broad background of knowledge and
skills for those wanting to pursue a career in teaching,
nursing, or a children’s services-related field. It also
teaches excellent parenting skills, while addressing
the challenges of becoming a parent. Practical,
hands-on experiences such as visiting preschools and
elementary schools, and running a daycare for a day
will help students to understand how demanding and
rewarding childcare and parenting can be.