Watch: The Period of PURPLE Crying Video ( 10 min)

PURPLE Crying – Notes (National Center on Shaken Baby Syndrome)

Activity: Frustration Action Plan

My Plan to Manage Frustration

Research/ brainstorm stress management techniques and form a plan to manage frustration due to a crying baby.

1. Describe what aspects of caring for a baby might frustrate you, personally.

2. Describe several (min. 3) stress management techniques that would work for you to manage this frustration.

3. People I can call:

a. List 3 people you can contact if in need of help.

b. List a minimum of one official help line you can call.

 4. Summarize 5 pieces of information that you now know about SBS as your reasons for this plan.

 5. Sign and attach your “Pledge Not to Shake” to your action plan.