Shaken Baby Syndrome

Activity: Law & Order: SVU – Season 5 – Episode 10: “Shaken,” Nov. 25, 2003.

Follow along with Detective Stabler and the team to solve the crime. Take notes on evidence, suspects, and theories in your crime-solving notepad.  Discuss as a group throughout.

Review: What is SBS?  What conclusions did you come to from watching the episode “Shaken”?

View: Animated Simulation (Narrated) (3 min) – SBS Effects on the Brain (Ruptured Blood Vessels)

View: Animated Simulation (2 min) – Effects of SBS – Brain and the Body

Physical Effects Ppt– Draw Diagrams

1. Body vs. Brain Movement

2. Subdural Hematoma (Hemorrhaging)

3. Retinal Shearing

4. Rib Fractures

Shaken Baby Syndrome – A Preventable Tragedy  – Notes

Discuss: New Research – CBC News January 2012 – The Fifth Estate: Diagnosis Murder