SIDS – Sudden Infant Death Syndrome

Research Assignment

Instructions: Fold a piece of paper into 3 columns (like a pamphlet).  Using the resources provided, you are to create a New Parents’ Guide to SIDS that answers and provides information on the following questions or topics:

The 2011 National Joint Statement on Safe Sleep: Preventing Sudden Infant Deaths in Canada

Canadian Foundation for the Study of Infant Deaths


Cover page: Create a relevant title and include introductory info to the topic of SIDS by answering the following questions:

What is SIDS?

When does SIDS usually occur? Peak? Decrease risk?

What is important to know about the “causes” of SIDS?

Who is most at risk?

What are the two most important “modifiable” risk factors?  Explain what is meant by “modifiable” in this context.  What observation was made in Canada between 1999-2004 that may be attributed to these factors?

Inside columns: Use each of the remaining columns to give instructional advice to new parents on the 5 ways that you can reduce the risk of SIDS and infant sleep accidents?

Provide headings for each and enough information so that any new parent would know what to do, or not do, to help prevent SIDS.  Begin by reading all the information provided on each topic, then evaluate what is most important for new parents to know.  Fill one column with that information and move on to the next topic.

Connected Questions: How are the following questions relevant to SIDS?  Find the answers and connect this information to the appropriate column.

What is “positional plagiocephaly”? How is it caused? How can it be prevented?

What is “tummy time”? Why is it important?