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Part 1: Zentangle Pattern Samplers

Create a set of 8 various sized, overlapping circles in sharpie, in your sketchbook. Fill each shape with a unique pattern using sharpie and trend pen.  Don’t go too big – this is just tangle practice.

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Pattern Sampler:


Part 2: Zendala

Create a zendala using a variety of patterns.

  1. Trace your circle shape in sharpie.
  2. Break down your circle into smaller, fluid shapes.
  3. Fill your shapes with patterns that incorporate sharpie and trend pen (thick and thin lines).
  4. Don’t forget to demonstrate shading/depth by:
    1.  layering within your patterns,
    2.  placing marks close together for shadows and spaced apart for highlights.
    3.  contouring the form also works.