The Exquisite Corpse Collaborative

The Goal

How to Set-Up Your Page for Success:

Part 2: Collaborative Cadavres

Once finished (and dry) scan your image. Once all images are available for collaboration, you can begin composing 3 Exquisite Corpses:

  1. Your Head + Torso and Legs from 2 other students
  2. Your Torso + Head and Legs from 2 other students
  3. Your Legs + Head and Torso from 2 other students.

Search through student pieces to decide which ones you’d like to use and make copies to your H:/drive – Opening any of the files will prevent others from viewing so choose quickly and carefully.



Scan image as a jpeg at 300ppi – instructions are on the scanner

Save to the I:/drive > POIRIER – ART > Exquisite Corpse > Student Scans


Find the Photoshop Template in that same folder > Right Click and Save As to your H:/drive

Choose File > Place Embedded to insert your 3 files into new layers

The layer masks are already in place to hide the parts of the image you don’t need. Simply drag the appropriate layer mask to each layer according to what you want to show (head, torso, or legs).



Resizing – You may need to resize an image to fit the space provided properly or hide unwanted edges. To do so, click on the layer you’d like to resize and go to Edit > Free Transform, hold shift and drag ONLY from the corners. Double click inside the box or hit enter to commit to your changes.  Try to keep the original size as much as possible.


SAVING: Save 2 files please

  1. Click File > Save As and in the drop-down menu select Photoshop (.psd) and name your file your first and last name
    1. name_head.psd
    2. name_torso.psd
    3. name_legs.psd


  1. Click File > Save As and in the drop-down menu select Jpeg (.jpg) and name your file your first and last name
    1. name_head.jpg
    2. name_torso.jpg
    3. name_legs.jpg



Submit these 3 JPEGS to


In your folder, highlight the 3 JPEG’s you wish to print.  Right-click and select Print.  In the dialogue box, choose the 3.5″ x 5″  (4) layout  on the right.  Make sure you’re set to the right printer (141). Click OK.  Glue the prints in your sketchbook with your original.


Student Examples




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