Zombie Portraits

Classic Cartoon Characters Transformed into Zombies

“Andre De Freitas meshes his photography background with illustration by creating crystal clear, realistic drawings. The technique is well-suited to his Zombie Portraits series, in which he transforms adored cartoons and classic comic-book characters into grim, white-eyed zombies with menacing expressions and festering wounds.  Although the eerie collection is the epitome of unsettling — it showcases a demonic Donald Duck and a desolate Charlie Brown — the detailing and color palette De Freitas employs is perfectly apropos for Halloween. See your favorite cartoon metamorphosed into an undead monster after the cut.”

– Flavorwire.com


Choose a famous figure/character that would be recognizable to most people… then zombify them!  Paint a classic portrait in acrylic to show off the undead.


  • Key features of your famous character (what makes them unique and recognizable?)
  • Characteristics of a zombie / witch/ werewolf, etc.  (What makes them look like these ghoulish monsters?)
    • signature marks (eg. a witch’s wart)?
    • “not-so-rosy” flesh colours?
    • wardrobe characteristics”
    • facial expressions”
  • Can you successfully show off this transformation in a “head-shot” portrait?
  • Lighting for that “eerie-effect”
  • Background (choose a simple, non-distracting colour “mash” for your portrait backdrop – paint the entire page first)
  • Colour scheme (choose a colour scheme that works well together – eg. blending a little grey into everything will “die” everything down.
  • Stick to simple shapes and blend for shading