The Sketchbook Project

The Sketchbook Project is an ongoing, long term project that allows students to explore a theme of their choice through visual design and expression. It asks students to think in different ways and stretch the imagination. It also provides a safe place to explore various types of media through experimentation. When this project is completed, students will be left with an exciting collection of artwork that shows their creativity, expressiveness, individual artistic style, and mastery of various media and techniques. Hopefully, this project will open students to the idea of keeping a visual journal and continuing to use it even after the course is finished.

Project Handouts

1.  Project Instructions by Course (print double-sided)

The Sketchbook Project – Handout – Art 10

The Sketchbook Project – Handout – Art 11

The Sketchbook Project – Handout – Art 12

The Sketchbook Project – Handout – Studio Arts: Drawing/Painting  11

The Sketchbook Project – Handout – Studio Arts: Drawing/Painting  12

2.  Evaluation Sheet Handout for all courses (print double-sided)


Themes Ideas

Elements & Principles of Art and Design

Image Development and Design Strategies

Possible Materials/Media

The Cover

Your sketchbook cover needs to be turned into cover-art that introduces your theme.  Think about it like a regular book cover – the art and title tell the viewer what’s inside through words and pictures.  How you cover your book is up to you, but it must be a work of art that considers materials, composition, balance.  Front and back must be covered.  You may use any materials you like, as long as they are secure and don’t create a mess (eg. glitter, unsealed charcoal, etc.)  Spray fixatives and white glue work well as sealant for various media.

The Pages

Inside your sketchbook, you will begin to create a series of small works related to your theme of choice.  Unless specified in your instruction booklet, media choice is up to you.  I challenge students to explore many new media types and techniques within these pages.  Keep in mind that each page or set of pages is to be viewed as a piece of artwork – consider the possibility of it hanging framed at the art gallery.  Composition is very important; considering the rule-of-thirds and balance should always be a part of your art process.

Art prompts may use one or two (open book) pages at a time. The back-side of pages may be left blank or you can cover every available space in art – the choice is yours.  Pages must be prepped in some way (see instruction booklet), so please see me if you feel that a blank white page is necessary for a specific prompt.  Please remember that each prompt MUST relate is some way to your chosen theme!


Theme: Bugs

Theme: Abandoned/Trash