Visual Arts: Media


MountBoucherie Secondary School

Visual Arts: Media 10

Teacher: Ms J. Poirier

Prerequisites: None

Required Materials:  Sketchbook, USB Flash Drive (recommended)

Website:  (select Visual Arts: Media tab)


This course is designed to give students fundamental skills in Digital Photography and digital image creation/ manipulation. Students will learn how use professional level equipment and programs such as Nikon digital SLR cameras and Adobe Photoshop CC. Skills learned in this course will prepare students for various careers in the Digital Media field. Students will develop a high caliber of performance and creativity.

Throughout the semester, we will cover:

1. Introduction to Adobe CC

2. Introduction to Digital Photography

3.  Elements and Principles of Art and Design

4.  Image Development Strategies

5.  Composition Layout and Design

6.  Theme Development

7.  Narrative and Message

8.  Presentation and Discussion of Work


Students will be provided with their first sketchbook for the course.  The sketchbook will be a tool for taking technical notes, planning ideas and layouts, creating images for possible uploading, and journaling throughout the development of the long term project. This sketchbook is to be brought to every class.

Long Term Project

Students will have the opportunity to work on a major personal project over the course of the term, while skill building through smaller projects.  This assignment will have a focus on personal imagery and will develop artistically as we cover the elements and principles of design, design strategies and other art theory concepts.  Approaching a large project this way allows us, as artists, to develop our work to its full potential.



Your grade will be weighted as follows: (please be aware that some assignments are worth more than others.)

30% Sketchbook ….. (daily exercises, practice, digital-folio, artist statements)
70% Projects ……… (major projects and assignments)



Classroom Behaviour:         

District policies on student behaviour (provided in student agendas) are to be followed while inside and outside of the class.  Any inappropriate use of computers or equipment will be dealt with in a serious manner.  During class, students are expected to pay attention and focus on their work; use of any social media, gaming, or inappropriate sites/ programs is not permitted.

Attendance and Missed Classes:

As with all classes, students are expected to attend every class on time, prepared with the materials needed for each day.  If students are going to miss class for a planned event or something unexpected occurs, please email me ( or have a parent/ guardian phone the school (250-870-5101).  Even if absent (excused or not), students are responsible to make up the missed work on their own time.  Extensions may be granted for excused absences if necessary (see Ms. Poirier to make arrangements).

Late and Missing Work:

Students will be expected to stay for tutorial to work on late or missing assignments once the hand-in date has passed.  Keep in mind that it is very difficult to catch up on missing work at home if you do not have the necessary equipment/ programs.

Students are expected to complete all assignments and projects for this course.

I hope you are as excited as I am about this course! If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to visit me in room 114, or to email me at  at any time.