Digital Sketchbook

Student Mugshot Activity

Download and SAVE document.  Fill out form and save to Sketchbook folder. Save a finished copy as a PDF (from the Save As drop-down menu) and upload it to your Weebly Homepage.


Photoshop Tutorials Assignment

Type Lock-Up

Typography: 5 Methods with Summaries (In-Class Demo)

Juxtaposition: Parts 1 and 2

Digital Painting Practice

Downloading/Creating Custom Brushes

Digital Signatures

Adobe Programs Toolbox

Photoshop CS6 Tools Panel

Use this resource to complete the Interactive Tools Sort assignment below.

Interactive Tools Sort  (1 hr)

Click the link above.  Select File > Download > Open to access the document.

Once the Illustrator file is open, select File > Save As and save to your Sketchbook folder on the H:/ drive.

Complete the sort by matching the Tool icons to their specific descriptions using the Move tool (the black arrow) to place them in the appropriate boxes.  Use the Type tool to label each tool-set category on the lines provided.

Masking / Making Selections

Masking Mastery: Making Selections (In-Class Video Tutorials)

magic_wand magnetic_lassopen tool

Click on each image to enlarge > right click on large image and save to your sketchbook folder > open in Photoshop




Video Tutorial on Masking Hair: Refine Edge in Photoshop – Howard Pinsky

Masking Hair Step by Step Tutorial

Refine Mask – Extra Video

Global Adjustments

Adjustment Layers

Photo Editing Techniques

Actions: Downloading, Installing, and Making Your Own

Layer Masks, Clipping Masks, and Vector Masks

Layer Masks Overview

Clipping / Vector Masks


Tutorial: Downloading / Installing Brushes

Creating Brushes