Digital Signatures

Digital_Sig_exampleEvery artist needs a signature to sign their work.  Sometimes digital work can overlook this step as it isn’t as simple as picking up a pencil and signing.  However, digital work finds itself at higher risk of theft, duplication, and alteration due to the ease of posting it online. Digital signatures are one way of claiming your work as your own.

You are going to create a series of digital signatures in the form of brushes.  This will allow you to easily sign your work before posting it to your blog.  For internet safety purposes, you will create a personal “nickname” signature that will be used for any work posted online. 
For this assignment, you must create:
1.  Handwritten and Scanned: 2
2.  Photoshop text/fonts/creations: 2 (you may download fonts – Sites like: and offer free downloadable fonts for artists like us to use.) Transform the text into something UNIQUE.  Here is the link to How To Download/Install Fonts.
Once all of your brushes have been created and SAVED to your H Drive, create a showcase document at 8” x 10” and 150ppi to display all of your signatures.  You will hand this in via your digital sketchbook.  Post ONLY your nickname signature to your blog.
Saving Brushes
Due to the setup of the school server, lab computers reset when you log out of your account.  It is very important to save the brushes you create to your H drive in order to access them again after.  You can do this by following these steps:
1.  On the arrow located on the right side of the option bar’s brush menu. 
2.  This will provide a list of options > click on “Save Brushes.”  
3.  Name and save the file within your H Drive.