Photoshop CC Tutorials

The best way to learn how to draw is to have an example and copy it.  This method will teach you what tools to use and how to use them to re-create a similar looking drawing.  Photoshop is the same.  By looking at Photoshop tutorials, you can explore all the different possibilities that the program has to offer.  By following the directions in the tutorials, you are learning what tools to use and how to use them to get similar effects of the presented image or technique.  Once you learn these aspects of the program, you can take it and put it to use in your own work.

Assignment: Part 1
  1. Create a “Tutorials” Page Tab on your Weebly site.
  2. Search online through various Photoshop  tutorials.  Choose 5 that interest you and link the pages to your Tutorials page.  Be sure that the ones you choose are compatible with CC.
  3. Record/include the following information for each:
  • Image of the final product ( use a screen captured image for video tutorials if needed).
    • Screen Capture: Shift and Press the Screen Capture button located near F12 – then Paste into a doc – right click and Save Image As.
  • Title to represent
  • Link to the site ( copy and paste the web address for now)
  • Brief Description of the tutorial
Assignment: Part 2
  1. Choose a minimum of three of those tutorials to try on your own over the course of the term.  Go through the motions to either recreate the tutorial image or use the instructions to apply it to your own composition.
  2. As you complete each one, post them to your Tutorials page.