Digital Painting Practice

Practice Assignment Instructions

Document Size: 5×5 inches @ 200 ppi

Step 1

Create a colour palette of 6 monochromatic colours in your swatch menu:

Double click the colour menu and choose a vertical area of colours you like.

In the Brightness Field (B:) set it to 100% and click Save to Swatches.

Repeat this step by entering brightness settings of:

(100), 80, 60, 40, 20, and 10 – Saving each into the Swatch Menu.

Open your Swatch Panel and create a Swatch Set on your document using a hard edge, small brush as shown.

Step 2

Create a circular selection using your Elliptical Marquis Tool (holding Shift)

 Starting with a large soft brush and a low opacity, fill the area with your darkest value.

As you layer and blend, gradually work towards a smaller brush and lighter value.

Keep the light/shading directions in mind:

You need to show the highlight, crest shadow, reflected light, and cast shadow.

(Create a New Layer underneath, to work on the cast shadow without painting on your sphere).