Type Lock-Up

crazyones-posterPART 1

Assignment Criteria

Meaningful Quote and Author (minimum 20 words)

Download a Minimum of 5 fonts

Include a Minimum of 10 fonts

Use at least one of each of the following:


Sans Serif



Incorporate design aspects like lines and vector graphics

Create Balance: font weight, size, style, and spacing will effect this

Consider white on black areas


Document Setup:

File > New: Set Document Units to Inches, Width: 18″ Height: 24″

Check that the Advanced Settings are set to Raster: 300ppi


Setting your Gridlines:

View Menu > Rulers > Show Rulers

Using this Select Tool, click on the ruler at left and drag the gridline to the 4″ marker, repeat to set the right margin to the 14″ marker


Type or paste your quote into a textbox off the edge of the artboard. Copy and paste each word into the artboard as needed (into its own text box). Font styles and settings, as well as, placement, can be adjusted to suit your design.  Spacing adjustment settings can be found in the Character dialogue box in the Type Tool modifications bar.

Upload the Illustrator file to google drive. Export as a JPEG (for your website) and as a PNG (for step 2)

Part 2

Photographic Poster

Add a relevant photographic background (high quality).  See the tutorial to create a blurred rectangular section for your type lock-up.


Adding your Text:

*Note: Exporting your Illustrator file to PNG will automatically delete your white background. File >Export > select .png

Masking Text from White Background 

  1. Insert your type lock-up file.
  2. Select the text with the magic wand (uncheck contiguous).  If using a PNG file, cntrl-click the text thumbnail to select.
  3. Click on the top most white rectangle layers, and select the layer mask command. (You may need to inverse)
  4. Make the original black text layer invisible.

Blend Modes

  1. Insert your type lock-up file.
  2. Complete the steps 1-3 from Masking Text from White Background (above).
  3. On the original text layer, select an option from the Blend Modes drop down menu for your desired effect

Coloured Text

  1. Apply a Hue & Saturation adjustment layer to your text layer (use a clipping mask).
  2. Check Colourize and adjust the Hue setting as desired. (try to use a colour that is in your image for the best results).


  • the shape and size needed for your text
  • relevant photograph
  • colours from the image to incorporate into your text (rather than black)
  • Rule of Thirds – appropriate placement of text in relation to the image