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Inside/Outside Self-Portrait  (Positive/Negative Space)



Digital Painting

Mixed Media

Kelowna Art Gallery – Identity Project

Posting Your Project and Written Component

(Post final image as Feature Image)


General Artist Statement: Possible questions to consider when when writing an artist statement: What is the work about? What do you want to viewer to know/understand/think about when looking at your work?

     (If this were hanging in a gallery, what would you want the card beside it to read?)


How did you create this piece?  Discuss the purpose of the assignment and highlight the major ideas/components in detail, (eg. tools/processes used).  This does not need to be a step by step reenactment; however, I’d like you to be able to explain how you created the important aspects of your work.


Answer the following in a paragraph :

How do I feel I did on this piece?

What did I succeed at?  How?

What could I improve on? How and Why?

What is my favourite aspect of my piece? Why?

On a scale of 1-10 how would I rate my skills, understandings, and abilities in Photoshop and Graphic Arts so far? Why?

Components Gallery

Please post a gallery of image sources and other components used as a starting point for your project.  This enables us to see how far you’ve taken the work to make it your own.


Critique Instructions