Tim Burton


MoMA Exhibition (Museum of Modern Art, New York ran an Exhibit of Tim Burton’s work in 2010)

timburton.com (private gallery can be accessed with my new email address)

Part 1: Research

Using the above site link to his MoMA Exhibition, research the following about Tim Burton.  Write your responses on your analysis sheet’s “notes” page.  Information can be found in all areas of the site.

Bio (3 facts)

List 2 of his Short Films (with dates)

List 5 of his Feature Films (with dates)

3 Interesting things you learned about Tim Burton or his work

Part 2: Art Analysis

Using the sites provided, explore Burton’s artwork over his career.  Choose a piece that interests you and complete the following.

Print a copy and note details about colour, texture, etc. that might be lost in the gray scale print. (For Part 3)

Complete an Art Analysis sheet on your chosen work – be sure to include work details such as title, date, and medium.

Part 3: Re-Creation

On a piece of paper provided, re-create your chosen Burton Art Look at the media he used for the work as a starting point.  Think about how he may have gone about creating the work step-by-step. Start with a light sketch and begin!

Let your inner “twisted-ness” out to play!

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